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Joining Us & Beginners Courses

Karate is a big subject. All clubs and styles offer something a little different. Our approach is to encourage a relaxed and sensitive body so that our students can use their attackers energy against them.  For the first part of your karate journey we concentrate on skills which can be characterised as evading, or moving and counter attacking. Later we introduce you to techniques which can be really effective in a domestic physical violence confrontation, should you ever be unfortunate enough to be in such a position.

Experience tells us that the hardest thing for most people, is making that first step. We want to make that as easy for you as possible. If you live in the Bristol, Bath or surrounding area, you are invited to attend one of our taster sessions. These are completely free and there is absolutely no obligation on you to join. But it gives you an opportunity to meet us and at least get a flavour of what we do.

Alternatively you are welcome at any of our venues.  We are a very friendly group, our members are all ages and both sexes.  The ethos of the club is to help each other, so we are completely confident that you would be totally supported for your first, and hopefully, subsequent visits

To help you we have created an information sheet detailing all the factual information you need to make an informed decision.

We will send you that information only on request.

All you need to do is fill in the form below..