About Zenshin dojo

  • Find out about the Zenshin dojo martial arts Club.

    We have approximately 80 regular adult members who practice their chosen art in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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  • We practice in several venues in and around Bristol.

    Members from our club regularly visit other European countries to eat, drink, sight see and of course practice some!

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  • Our members benefit from regular opportunities to practice with some of the foremost masters from Karate ka around the world.

    We host events as well as travelling abroad.

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  • The name Zenshin dojo refers to a collection of locations where approximately 80 adult members practice their chosen art in a relaxed and friendly environment common to each location. Each venue has it's own unique identity and is led by an experienced instructor whose role is to act as a guide to beginners and coach for the more advanced student. If you would like to come and watch an adult or junior session, or indeed join in, you are very welcome. For details of our practice times please see our venues page.

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Would you like to find out more about our junior section?

  • Juniors (children aged 7 to 13 years) are welcome to join our thriving and exciting sister club "Kate Easdale's Black Belt Academy".

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    We also have a "Tiny Tigers" group for children 5 - 7 years. This group is extremely popular and is led by an experienced instructor. The children meet once a week to learn karate and other skills appropriate to their level of understanding. More details of our "Tiny Tigers" just click to read more.

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